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Sending Your Artwork


Before you send your graphic files...

Your graphics will need to meet our specifications before you can send them to us. Our only goal is to ensure that your finished trade show graphics look their best, so these standards have been put in place to avoid pixelated and distorted images from being printed and produced. Before sending us any files, you must ensure that they meet our requirements.

Please make sure all files (including linked files) are in CMYK format.

Please make sure that you either convert fonts to outlines, or include all fonts. InDesign allows you to package files, which is by far the easiest solution.

Supported Software

We can work from the most popular graphic packages in both MAC and PC formats. Below are a few of the best packages to use (listed in order of preference).

  • Adobe InDesign (***PREFERRED***)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Quark Xpress

Supported File Formats

  • EPS
  • TIF
  • JPG
  • PSD
  • AI

Compressing Your Files

Compressing your files can speed up transmission time and allow you to combine multiple files into a single archive. We recommend compressing your files using Stuff-It (MAC) or PKZip (PC). Be sure to include the main layout file, all artwork (EPS, TIFF, etc.) and all fonts (screen and printer).